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Vox audita perit, littera scripta manet
(The spoken word perishes, but the written word remains).

Resources for readers, rare book collectors, and used booksellers. Includes articles, tools, lists, reviews, and the odd bit of silliness.

Bookbuying on the net
Where to find those books you're looking for, and advice on buying safely.

Bookselling on the Net
How and where to sell out-of-print books on the net. Articles on pricing, shipping, payment methods, customer service and more. There's a new article on customer service from Shirley Bryant.

Learn about and appreciate your books. Articles on caring for books, collecting, censorship, appraising, first edition identification. Check out the new articles from Marylaine Block.

Reference Works for Booksellers and Collectors
Hundreds of reference works listed, including price guides, bibliographies, bookselling guides, collectors guides, and some lists of favorite reference works from experienced booksellers. I'd like to add to the lists of favorite reference works. It'd be really nice to add some top ten lists from collectors. If you'd like to contribute a list, send me an email

Computers, Software, and Other Geeky Stuff
Gadgets for book people.

What's New?
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Site Map
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About Littera Scripta
If you're curious about Littera Scripta, or about me and why I'm insane enough to spend this much time on a website, rather than cataloguing books like a good little bookseller...

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